Dear Haiti Campaign

Dear Supporters, Members of the Diaspora and Allies,

In light of the ongoing crises in Haiti, which remain largely underreported and overlooked, we are launching a user-generated love letter to Haiti campaign titled “Dear Haiti.” This initiative aims to bring awareness as well as shine a spotlight on Haiti’s rich history and vibrant culture, as well as its challenging past and present struggles.

We are inviting you to participate by creating a personal video message. Please start your video with “Dear Haiti” and share a heartfelt up to 15 seconds to up to one-minute letter addressing the people and the nation of Haiti.

In the video, please say your name and where you are from. Feel free to end your video, with a closing such as: Love, Stay strong, We got your back, etc (whatever you prefer).


Instructions for Recording Your Video:

Device Setup: Use a smartphone and hold it in a vertical position.

Lighting: If you have a ring light, please use it to ensure clear visibility. If you’re using natural light, position yourself to avoid being backlit, ensuring your face is well-illuminated.

Send your video: You can send your video to or upload it to the form below.

This campaign will launch for Haitian Heritage Month and continue in perpetuity.

Questions: Please contact us at


This is a powerful opportunity to lend your voice in solidarity with Haiti, helping to raise awareness and foster support during these trying times. We look forward to your contributions and to hearing your personal messages of hope and support.

Thank you for standing with Haiti.

Best regards,

Marie Louissaint, Art Beat Miami, Producer
Wils Felin, Director
JitterFlix, President