About Us

Art Beat Miami, is an annual satellite art fair presented by Little Haiti Optimist Club, Welcome to Little Haiti and Chefs of the Caribbean showcasing emerging and renowned artists from Haiti and around the world.

Art Beat Miami features artists, painters, sculptors, art exhibits, murals, performers, and musicians. The festival brings together multidisciplinary artists working in collaboration to highlight the culturally rich and diverse creativity of local artists and the Caribbean Diaspora here and beyond.

Art Beat Miami is produced by Marie Louissaint and curated by Lobey Art & Travel, a network of artists and entrepreneurs promoting art and advocating for the financial stability of artists.

Art Beat Miami is an experience of art, cultural exchange, food, fashion, and music inspired by Haiti and artists worldwide. During Art Basel/Miami Art Week, the Little Haiti community invites you to discover multidisciplinary works of art by internationally recognized artists virtually. Enjoy live music, food, mural exhibitions, fashion shows, special events, and conversations with artists.