Renowned Artists Jude Paploko and James Mastin Headline Art Beat

Acclaimed Haitian artists Jude Papaloko and James Mastin will headline the pop-up gallery exhibition, Art Village, which features works of art by international painters, photographers, sculptors and craftsman at the Caribbean Marketplace.

Jude Papaloko, a world renowned Haitian painter has works displayed at Tap Tap in South Beach, Club Paradise in New York, and Mango’s Tropical Café in South Beach. His work has been exhibited in Haiti, Trinidad, Aruba, Switzerland, Panama and Canada. In addition to art, Papaloko is the founder of Loray Mistik, a popular vodoo band.

James Mastin has been creating sculptures for 15 years. He is known for his clay and wax figures which he casts in bronze, stainless steel, polyester resin or formed copper. His aesthetic ranges from classical figurative to abstract modern. James’ monumental public installations celebrate the diverse cultures of the Caribbean. His statues have been mounted in The Bahamas, Key West, St Maarten and Haiti.

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