NE2P to Debut “Pretty in Little Haiti” Neighborhood Beautification Initiative

A significant issue for Northeast Second Avenue corridor has been addressing the lack of garbage bins – and therefore an abundance of garbage on the ground – throughout the downtown corridors. In an effort to revitalize and beautify the key commercial corridors in the Little Haiti community the Northeast Second Avenue Partnership (NE2P) began the campaign “Pretty in Little Haiti.

This innovative initiative repurposes oil drums into beautiful works of art that also serve as garbage bins. This project addresses both the need for garbage bins in the area while also showcasing and promoting Haitian art including the work of local muralist Serge Toussaint. In this effort, NE2P recently won a grant through the Awesome Foundation to purchase the materials necessary for the project

Once completed these bins will be distributed strategically along the downtown corridor with the hopes that they will become a staple in the community promoting Little Haiti as a tourist destination while helping to keep the area clean.

For only $200 you can sponsor one of these beautiful and unique garbage bins.

One side will feature a landscape portrait of Haiti an the Haitian flag, and the opposite side will be personalized with the sponsor name. By sponsoring a bin, not only are you contributing towards beautifying Little Haiti, keeping the area clean, and promoting Haitian traditional arts, but you are also helping to establish Little Haiti as a cultural destination.

To learn more visit the Northeast Second Avenue Partnership website or contact them at: +1 (786) 908-3724



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