Everyday People United Introduces New Eden Movement, Highlighting Influence of Culture on Innovation

Miami social design collective Everyday People United will present New Eden Movement, a creative forum for Miami’s young innovators to explore how culture influences innovation.

Youth of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in a creative hack-a-thon where members of the local avant-garde will lead a short course on art, graphic design, human-centered design, applied technology, and storytelling.

As co-producers and curators of Art Beat Miami, Everyday People United seeks to include youth in the global discourse about creative innovation to sustain an interest and support for art and STEM-centered programming year-round.

Classrooms at the Little Haiti Cultural Center will be transformed into bustling creative studios where all participants will have an opportunity to apply their new skills and present their own works of art.

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Guest Teachers:

• Amanda Rodrigues Smith Writer, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Everyday People United
• Monica Rodrigues Smith Community Advocate and Co- Founder of Everyday People United
• Raymond Paultre Community Health Care Advocate and Classically Trained Dancer
• Everton Allen Miami Dolphins Graphic Designer and Painter
• Tyron Barrington Former Top Model Agent, Author and Principal at the Barrington Group
• Akili Brown Filmmaker and Actor

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